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Controlling Linear Motors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000087474D
Original Publication Date: 1977-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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Actuates the leftmost or work piston PC in the same manner.

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Controlling Linear Motors

Actuates the leftmost or work piston PC in the same manner.

This multiple piston linear motor has a plurality of independently actuable controls with a single return control.

Referring to the figure, linear motor ABC has a work piston PC in linear motor chamber C affixed to shaft CS connected securely to an actuated device. The air pressure source supplies low return air pressure through conduit L to the work side of chamber C. This low pressure provides a return spring action on piston PC for returning all three pistons PC, PB and PA to a start or home position. The center piston PB, movably disposed in chamber B, is actuated from the home position to a work position by solenoid SB actuating the illustrated valve.

High pressure air received from the air pressure source, via conduit H and the valve not actuated by solenoid SA, goes through conduit PBC, forcing piston PB to the left or work position. Piston rod BS contacts work piston PC for moving it to the left to actuate the actuated device. Similarly, the rightmost piston PA is actuated, via solenoid SA and its associated valve, transferring high pressure air from conduit H to conduit PAC for moving the piston PA to the left within chamber A. Also, solenoid

The return spring action from the low pressure air from L acts on all pistons in the linear motor via the connecting piston rods BS and AS. The rods AS and BS abut, but are not connected to, pistons PB and PC, respectively. The ind...