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Flexible Auger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000087680D
Original Publication Date: 1977-Mar-01
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A molded helix is reinforced by a flexible cable or solid shaft.

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Flexible Auger

A molded helix is reinforced by a flexible cable or solid shaft.

Polypropylene plastic has, in the past, lent itself especially well to the manufacture of helixes. In such a known process, polypropylene rod would be preformed into a spiral and then attached to a cylindrical, flexible core. However, a more sturdy assembly is desirable.

A plastic helix is molded in lengths and can be easily removed by splitting a two-piece mold. Alternatively, the helix may be spirally extruded in a continuous process.

A flexible steel cable or solid steel shaft may be inserted into a hollow center molded into the plastic helix or the cable may be placed in the mold as a core. Many types of materials, including polyurethene and rubber, may be used.


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