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Frictionless Axial Movement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000088006D
Original Publication Date: 1977-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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Frictionless axial movement and constrained radial movement are provided by device 10.

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Frictionless Axial Movement

Frictionless axial movement and constrained radial movement are provided by device 10.

Circular plate 1 has plural and symmetrical disposed keyhole-shaped radial cutouts or slots 1a which form therebetween flexible sectors 1A. Ring clamp 2 in coaction with bolts 3, which threadably engage base or support member 4, mounts plate 1 to spiderlike member 1 in concentric alignment with the circular opening 5 of member 4. The adjacent ends of a two-piece shaft 6, 7 are terminated with respective shoulders or flanges 6A, 7A which are coupled together through plate 1 by bolts 8 that threadably engage flange 7A. Plate 1 has a center opening 9 which allows passage of the concentric cylindrical alignment projection 6B of shaft 6 into the concentric cylindrical recess 7B of shaft 7.

Device 10 is particularly useful when small axial displacement of a shaft under heavy loads is required. Device 10 eliminates the corrosion effect known as fretting which is associated with a unitary shaft that is subject to small axial displacements when mounted in a conventional bearing. Thus, for example, in a fatigue tester used to stress, at various frequencies, solder samples that are coupled between an axial movable shaft and a fixed member and the like under the aforementioned conditions, the use of one or more of the devices 10 for supporting the shaft is ideal.


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