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Solar Water Heating and Air Conditioning System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000088352D
Original Publication Date: 1977-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-04
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A system is described to air condition a home with solar energy. A by-product is domestic hot water.

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Solar Water Heating and Air Conditioning System

A system is described to air condition a home with solar energy. A by- product is domestic hot water.

Fig. 1 illustrates one example of the environment of use with adsorber 1, pump 2, and hot water tank 3. It could also be used to move the cooling fluid in an adsorption air-conditioning unit.

The apparatus includes a solar adsorber to collect the sun's energy. Several aspects require attention. A method of accomplishing the natural flow of water by thermal siphon needs to be accomplished by a motor and control circuit. This allows a liquid to be heated at a higher elevation and stored at a lower elevation. A variable speed motor control based on a delta-T that is variable is provided.

A control unit has variable speed and operates due to a differential temperature that is variable. Thus, a circuit is provided for varying the speed of the motor driving a fluid pump in direct proportion to the temperature difference between two temperature sensors so that a constant minimum transfer of energy from the heat exchanger to the pumped fluid is maintained in a system having a solar energy adsorber/heat exchanger for a residential hot water heating system.

Below is a detailed description of the variable speed motor control circuit illustrated in Fig. 2. Power Supply 11.

The power supply is developed through a 120-volt to 12.6-volt transformer. The 12.6 volts are rectified by a diode bridge. The filter network is a pair of capacitors and a Zener diode with current-limiting resistors. Crossing Detector

The crossing detector is 60-cycle sine wave with full wave rectification isolated with a diode. It is developed across a pair of resistors. Adjustable Bias

A variable resistor taps off a potential between the plus and minus of the power supply. Sawtooth Generator 14. The output of the crossing detector is subtracted from the out...