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Margin Set and Bellringer Mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000088892D
Original Publication Date: 1977-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-04
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Disclosed is a margin set and bellringing mechanism for a typewriter.

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Margin Set and Bellringer Mechanism

Disclosed is a margin set and bellringing mechanism for a typewriter.

Referring now to Fig. 1, a margin indicator 10 is pushed in the direction of the arrow causing it to rotate about the top 11 of a margin window 12 until the margin indicator stops against the bottom of the window. The margin indicator is coupled through a wire 13 to a margin stop slider 14 which is spring-loaded downward as by springs 15 and 16, which lifts the margin stop slider 14 out of a margin rack 17. This permits the operator to slide to the position desired. At this point the indicator 10 may be released, which will fix the stop slider at the proper position on the rack.

The right-hand margin stop may also contain the margin bell and the bellringing mechanism, as shown in Fig. 2. to ring the bell 20, a protrusion 21 on the carrier ribbon plate 22 engages a bellringer bell crank 23. As the carrier escapes past the bellringer bellcrank 23, it releases the bellringer 24, allowing it to strike the bell 20.

The bellringer is then restored by the bellringer restore spring 25.

To allow the carrier to return to the left-hand margin past the margin stop 19, the bellringer bellcrank 23 rotates counterclockwise when the ribbon plate protrusion 21 engages the bellcrank during carrier return. When the protrusion passes, the bellcrank will be reset by the bellcrank reset spring 26.


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