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Electron Beam Chrome Evaporator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000089049D
Original Publication Date: 1977-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-04
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Described herein is an electron beam evaporator for enhanced sublimation of chrome.

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Electron Beam Chrome Evaporator

Described herein is an electron beam evaporator for enhanced sublimation of chrome.

In conventional constructions of chrome evaporators, a full chrome slug 1 (Fig. 1A) fits snugly in the source cup 2 in hearth 3, water cooled via heat transfer ducts 4. The hearth is employed in conjunction with an electron-beam generator 5 for forming an electron beam 6 to sublimate the chrome source (slug) 1. Since the hearth is water cooled, substantial amount of heat is carried away from the chrome slug through the walls of the hearth pocket 2.

Improved operation is obtained by decreasing the chrome slug size to an undersized source slug 1A (as in Fig. 1) and replacing the removed portion with a copper dummy plug 7. As shown, the sides of the source slug 1A are spaced from the walls of the hearth pocket 2, with positioning therebetween obtained by a source mesa 8, seated in a complementary recess 9 in the dummy slug 7. This modification results in substantial reduction in heat loss and improved thermal efficiency, as well as more uniform sublimation of chrome slug 1A.

Also realized is a reduction in energy usage with decreased E-beam emission currents which not only improves rate control but also extends the life of the gun filament 10.


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