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Wrap Around Sink Disclosure Number: IPCOM000089082D
Original Publication Date: 1977-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-04
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This is an improved heat sink for packaging integrated circuit modules.

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Wrap Around Sink

This is an improved heat sink for packaging integrated circuit modules.

The drawing illustrates a module package. The module substrate 10, typically a metallized ceramic substrate of the type well known in the art contains one or more semiconductor integrated circuit chips 12 with selective electrical contact to conductors (not shown) on the ceramic substrate surface, by means of conductors, such as solder balls 14. The semiconductor integrated circuit chip is encapsulated by encapsulant 16. Pins 18 pass through the ceramic substrate and are sealed in place by back fill material 20. The module is capped in the usual manner by cap 21.

In accordance with the presently described improvement, a wrap-around heat sink 22 formed from a thin gauge copper sheet, for example, is wrapped around the bottom (pin side) and the sides of the module. The back fill material 20 is selectively removed in areas under the semiconductor integrated circuit chip 12 and the wrap-around heat sink 22 is formed in intimate contact with, and attached to, substrate 10 by a thermal epoxy bond 24. The same thermal epoxy bond 24 can then be used to attach the resultant module package to an extruded and machined heat sink 26. The pins 18 are illustrated as active circuit pins with wide clearance holes through wrap-around heat sink 22. In the event that there are also inactive pins, these may have a tight fit to wrap around heat sink 22, enhancing the cooling properties. At this po...