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Crinkle Free Insertion Apparatus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000089638D
Original Publication Date: 1977-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-05
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Rachui, RA: AUTHOR


A crinkle-free single sheet insertion device for printers is shown.

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Crinkle Free Insertion Apparatus

A crinkle-free single sheet insertion device for printers is shown.

Normally, in a printer, paper 1 is first inserted into the aligners which are included in most printers. Rear feed rollers 3 are then activated. The rear feed rollers clamp the paper 1 against the platen 2. This is the ready position of a sheet for most printers.

In the improved device illustrated. the rear feed roller mechanism has additional extensions or brackets. A shaft of rollers 4 is mounted in the brackets. As the rear feed rollers 3 clamp the paper 1 against the platen 2 under control of cams 5, small rollers 4 further wrap the sheet 1 around the platen. The further wrapping of the paper around the platen causes the column strength of the paper to be used to eliminate crinkling during insertion.

Without this extra wrapping prior to insertion, rear feed rollers 3 might crinkle the sheet as it is inserted. With this extra wrapping of the sheet around the platen by small rollers 4, the sheet will not crinkle.


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