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Wick Evaporative Cooling System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000091562D
Original Publication Date: 1968-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-05
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Chu, RC [+details]


This evaporative cooling system for cooling electronic components utilizes a wick material. Wick material 12 completely covers components 16 or modules which are mounted on one side of each of boards 14. The latter are arranged in parallel in closed fluid container 18. A small amount of coolant 20 is provided at the bottom of container 18 so that wick 12 draws the coolant up such wick through capillary action. Coolant 20, drawn up wick 12, evaporates to provide the cooling for components 16. Along the top of container 18 there is located condenser 22 which consists of a parallel fin and piping arrangement which is cooled by chilled water. Coolant 20 contacts the cooled fins where it condenses and drips down through guides 24 onto wick 12. Thus, a continuous evaporation-condensation process provides cooling of component 16.