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Vacuum Apparatus for Inverting Articles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000092384D
Original Publication Date: 1967-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-05
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The apparatus retains an article by a vacuum, inverts the article, and deposits it upon a substrate.

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Vacuum Apparatus for Inverting Articles

The apparatus retains an article by a vacuum, inverts the article, and deposits it upon a substrate.

An article, such as semiconductor chip 10, is initially picked up by reciprocatable vacuum probe 11 in a balls-down position. Chip 10 is to be deposited upon substrate 12 in a balls-up position. The apparatus for accomplishing this comprises vacuum probes 13 and 14 mounted 180 degrees apart on rotatable shaft 15.

Chip 10, previously picked up in a balls-down position by vacuum probe 11, is transferred to probe 13 in the position shown in A. Shaft 15 rotates through 180 degrees to bring probe 13 and chip 10 to the balls-up position shown in B. During this rotation, follower 16, fixed to probe 13, rides in track 17 of cam track device 18. Follower 19, fixed to probe 14, also rides in track 17 during this rotation. During this rotation, probes 13 and 14 are attached to vacuum manifold 20 through conduits 21 and 22 respectively.

At this point, cam roller 23 is rotated from the position shown in B to that shown in C acting through follower arm 24 to rotate cam track device 18 to the position shown in C in which recessed track portion 25 is engaged by follower 16. Probe 13 is urged downward by spring 26 to contact chip 10 with flux 27 on substrate 12. Simultaneously, vacuum manifold 20 is disengaged from conduit 21 and air vent 28 is engaged with conduit 21 to vent the vacuum within probe 13. This releases chip 10 onto fluxed subs...