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Air Flow or Air Pressure Sensing Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000092444D
Original Publication Date: 1966-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-05
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This is an air flow or air pressure sensing device.

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Air Flow or Air Pressure Sensing Device

This is an air flow or air pressure sensing device.

A small cylindrical bar magnet 1 rides freely in a close fitting cylinder 2. One end 3 of cylinder 2 is connected to an air flow or pressure chamber to be sensed. The other end of cylinder 2 is closed by threaded plug 4, but is vented to atmospheric pressure through small opening 5. Reed switch 6 is mounted on cylinder 2 adjacent to the lower position of magnet 1. When there is no air flow or pressure magnet 1 is in the position shown. Switch 6 is closed providing a signal of no pressure. When air flow or pressure is applied through connection 3, magnet 1 rises to the dotted line position at the top of cylinder 2 allowing switch 6 to open, interrupting the signal circuit. The position of switch 6 can be varied depending upon whether a positive signal is desired in the no pressure or the pressure condition.

The pressure threshold which actuates the device can be accurately adjusted by variation of the weight/area ratio of the magnet, by mounting the device at some angle to the vertical, or by modifying the piping at the chamber to be sensed.


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