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Mount for Vibration Sensitive Equipment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000092693D
Original Publication Date: 1967-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-05
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This mount supports and isolates equipment from vibration.

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Mount for Vibration Sensitive Equipment

This mount supports and isolates equipment from vibration.

Mount 10 consists of disk 12 having air cavity 14 and flat planar surface 16. A source of pressurized air is connected to cavity 14 by flexible tube 20. Anchor devices 22 prevent lateral movement which allows limited vertical movement of disk 12. The equipment, as for example, a high-power--microscope, is supported on the top surface of disk 12 with the center of gravity located approximately over the center of the disk.

In use, with disk 12 overlying surface 26 provided by a work bench or table, air introduced into cavity 14 lifts disk 12 several thousandths of an inch and escapes around the edges as indicated by arrows 24. An air pressure source maintaining a constant air pressure in cavity 14 produce s a static condition. Thus mount 10 and supported equipment are cushioned from vibrations of surface 26 by the escaping air stream.


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