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Helical Scan Card Reader Disclosure Number: IPCOM000092746D
Original Publication Date: 1967-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-05
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The helical scan card reader reads serial data in a continuous manner.

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Helical Scan Card Reader

The helical scan card reader reads serial data in a continuous manner.

Card 10 having serially recorded data 11 is manually inserted in input guide 12 and slot 13. Guide 12 is at a small angle with respect to the axis of cylindrical cavity 14. Feed rollers 15 operated by motor 16 are located in cavity 14 at the same angle. Thus, a card 10 introduced into the cavity is advanced by feed rollers 15 through cavity 14 in a helical path. The angle of the helix is such that card 10 moves laterally in one revolution a distance equal to the distance between lines of data. in this manner, card 10 moves laterally through cavity 14 with data 11 of one line at the end of the card aligned with the data of the following line at the leading edge of card 10. Data 11 can then be read from card 10 serially by a single transducer 17.

A set of push-buttons 18 is connected by Bowden wires 19 to rotatable tabs
20. Operation of a push-button 18 rotates the corresponding tab 20 upwards to deflect card 10 through exit slot 21 at that point along the helical path.


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