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Record Belt Aligning Drive Roller Disclosure Number: IPCOM000093091D
Original Publication Date: 1967-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-05
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The drive roller insures accurate sound head tracking of a record media.

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Record Belt Aligning Drive Roller

The drive roller insures accurate sound head tracking of a record media.

Roller 1 is rotated by drive 2. Belt 3, shown in cross-section, is of the continuous loop type and is circumferentially mounted on roller 1. Signals are recorded and reproduced on belt 3 by transducer 4. The latter is slowly moved transversely, for example, left to right, while belt 3 is rotated by roller 1. In a typical case, the combined transverse movement of transducer 4 and rotary movement of belt 3 produces a helical signal path on belt 3.

Roller 1 has a 45 degree flange 1a and a 2 degree flange 1b for controlling tracking. Distance A between flanges 1a and 1b is selected to be slightly less than distance B that corresponds to the width of belt 3. As an example, distance A is 3.998 inches +.000 and -.005 when belt width B is 4.000 inches. With the dimensions indicated, belt 3 rides flange la which, due to the angular configuration, maintains a slight pressure on belt 3 toward flange 1b. Thus, accurate positioning of belt 3 as it is driven is insured.


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