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Soldered Center Shields Disclosure Number: IPCOM000093198D
Original Publication Date: 1967-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-06
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Laminated structures are formed without the use of the usual bonding resins.

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Soldered Center Shields

Laminated structures are formed without the use of the usual bonding resins.

The structure comprises alternate sheets of a high permeability nickel-iron- molybdenum alloy, for example, molybdenum permalloy, and a highly conductive metal, such as copper or silver, bonded together with a relatively low melting point vehicle such as tin, tin-lead, lead or bizmuth. For example, molybdenum permalloy sheet 1 is bonded to copper sheets 2 and 3 by layers of tin-lead 4 and


Each sheet 1 is plated with copper 2 and 3 on each surface. Layers of tin- lead 4 and 5 are plated on the copper surfaces. Plated sheets 1 are then stacked together under pressure and heated until tin-lead reflow causes the adjacent sheets to adhere. The temperature, timing, and pressure are each variable over a wide range. As one example, the pressure is approximately 16 pounds per square inch and the structure is heated in oil to a temperature of 500 degrees F for 3.5 minutes.


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