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Noise Generated by Digital Technique Disclosure Number: IPCOM000093771D
Original Publication Date: 1966-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-06
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A purely digital technique is used to reproduce noise limited to some band.

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Noise Generated by Digital Technique

A purely digital technique is used to reproduce noise limited to some band.

The noise generator is composed of nine-stage shift register 1 with feedback through Inclusive-Or 2 from the fifth and the ninth stages. Clock 3 controls both register 1 and single-shot 4 the latter's output being applied to And 5. The fatter is also conditioned by output of Exclusive-Or 2 and has its output connected to filter 6.

The bits generated by such a register are pseudorandomly distributed e.g. the same random bit pattern occurring every 511 line revolutions. Consequently one can increase the quality of randomness by increasing the number of register stages. The pseudorandom sequence of bits so generated is applied to And 5 concurrently with the pulses delivered by single-shot 4 under clock 3 control. The output of And 5 is applied to filter 6. Knowing the signal response of filter 6 to an impulse input the filter 6 response to the bit pattern is the sum of all these unit responses such sum yielding the wanted noise.


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