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Semiconductor Resistor Configuration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000094014D
Original Publication Date: 1966-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-06
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This semiconductor resistor configuration is for integrated circuit applications.

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Semiconductor Resistor Configuration

This semiconductor resistor configuration is for integrated circuit applications.

As in drawing A, the resistor is made by applying an ohmic contact across the base-emitter junction of a conventional transistor device thus shorting out the base-emitter regions. A resistance which is dependent upon the amount of impurities or the doping level of the emitter region is effectively provided. In this arrangement, a conventional transistor can be used as a resistor device by this shorting technique which eliminates any transistor action. Hence, transistors can be formed in a wafer. The use of certain transistors for resistors can be determined after device fabrication.

In drawing A', a top view of the device of drawing A, the contact areas are specifically shown by numeral 10 as being over the emitter base function portions.

Drawing B shows an application of the resistor configuration in an integrated device. The left-hand portion B is the resistor configuration A which is electrically connected to the base region of a transistor located on the right-hand portion. In this manner and by suitably applying base, emitter, and collector contacts to the transistor device as shown by the circuit configuration of drawing C, an interconnected resistor-transistor circuit is provided for, for example, base stabilization of the transistor.

In a circuit where it is desirable to have a junction resistance of approximately 20 to 30 ohms connected...