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Polishing Semiconductor Surfaces Disclosure Number: IPCOM000094168D
Original Publication Date: 1966-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-06
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This method polishes semiconductor surfaces to a mirror-like smoothness.

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Polishing Semiconductor Surfaces

This method polishes semiconductor surfaces to a mirror-like smoothness.

Specifically, in polishing germanium wafers for subsequent semiconductor processing in the formation of devices in them, it is very desirable to obtain a highly polished, mirror-like, semiconductor surface which is free of damage to permit epitaxial growth on it. After using conventional mechanical polishing techniques to prepare the wafer surface, a chemical polishing operation is carried out using the following chemical solution. Such is made up of 5 parts concentrated HNO(3) and 2 parts concentrated HF which forms a stock solution of 1 to 1.5 parts which is then diluted with 1 part of H(2)O.

Without agitation, an oxide layer is initially formed on the germanium surface which has a uniform thickness. The surface portion of the formed oxide layer is removed at the same rate as oxide is formed at the interface between the germanium and the germanium oxide. This permits an even oxide thickness to be formed on the germanium surface. Thus subsequent removal of the oxide layer leaves a clean, mirror-like, undamaged germanium surface.