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Punch Mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000094221D
Original Publication Date: 1966-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-06
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Lisinski, JE: AUTHOR


In this punch, certain elements of the punch selection mechanism are time-shared.

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Punch Mechanism

In this punch, certain elements of the punch selection mechanism are time- shared.

Punches 10 are mounted in punch block 12. Punches 10 are selectively moved down to the punching position by punch actuating members 14. The latter can be either an armature, a bail or an interposer depending upon the method chosen to selectively control punches 10. Punch heads 16 are shaped so that only one-half of them are aligned under members 14 at one time. Sliding bail 18 contacts projections 20 on heads 16 and rotates all punches 90 degrees between each punch cycle.

Cam 22 is provided to produce motion by an arrangement, not shown, to actuate bail 14 to drive selected punches 10 down to punching position. Face cam 24 is provided to actuate bail 18 through follower 26. The profile of cam 22 is shaped to produce two punching operations per revolution. The synchronized motion of bail 18 permits odd numbered punches to be operated on the first punching operation and the even numbered punches to be operated on the second punching operation.


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