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Tape Cleaner Disclosure Number: IPCOM000094285D
Original Publication Date: 1966-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-06
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The device is for cleaning tape with minimum friction.

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Tape Cleaner

The device is for cleaning tape with minimum friction.

Magnetic tape 1 with oxide surface la is fed in direction A for reading and writing by magnetic head 2. Tape 1 is fed in reverse direction B for rewinding and backspacing. Arranged to contact tape 1 during its movement is roller assembly 3 having felt covering 4 mounted through spring 5 to shaft 6. Movement of tape 1 in direction A rotates roller 3 counterclockwise expanding spring 5 and roller 3 is locked to shaft 6. The resulting frictional action cleans the oxide surface of tape.

Movement of tape 1 in direction B rotates roller assembly 3 in a clockwise direction. Spring 5 contracts and roller assembly 3 is free to rotate at the same speed as tape 1. Therefore, no cleaning action takes place in the reverse or backspace direction. Tape 1 can be moved at relatively high speeds with minimum friction and a reduction in tape wear.


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