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Measuring System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000094503D
Original Publication Date: 1965-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-06
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Rymaszewski, EJ: AUTHOR


This automatic measuring system produces an indication of the peak or valley amplitude of a selected pulse signal.

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Measuring System

This automatic measuring system produces an indication of the peak or valley amplitude of a selected pulse signal.

Clock 10 produces a series of pulses which are simultaneously applied to unit under test 12, ramp generator 14 and flip-flop 16. Output pulse 13 from unit under test 12 is applied to sample gate 18. The application of the clock pulse to generator 14 commences the generation of a linear ramp into level comparator and sample pulse generator 20. Another input into generator 20 is the potential stored on capacitor 22. When the ramp input and the stored charge on capacitor 22 are of equal magnitude, a sample pulse is produced on line 24. This opens sample gate 18 for a short period of time to provide a sample of waveform 13 to pulse stretcher 26. The output from stretcher 26 is applied to an RC differentiating network 28 which in turn provides a positive going or negative going signal into noninverting operational amplifier 30.

If successive output levels from stretcher 26 increase, indicating that waveform 13 is being sampled on a positive-going slope, successively more positive outputs are produced by amplifier 30 and applied through gate 32 to increase the charge on capacitor 22. The increased charge on capacitor 22 causes the time of generation of the sample pulse into gate 18 to be retarded later in time. On the other hand, if negative-going outputs are seen from network 28, indicating that the negative-going slope of waveform 13 is being sampled, the charge on capacitor 22 is successively decreased at each sample and generator 20 produces a sample pulse at an earlier time. Eventually, the system locks on to the peak potential of waveform 13 and continues the sample at that time. The output of stretcher 26 is then indicative of the peak amplitude of the test pulse.

If gate 32 is opened during each...