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Memory Display Component Sharing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000094969D
Original Publication Date: 1965-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-06
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A number of components are shared in common by a core memory and a visual display apparatus.

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Memory Display Component Sharing

A number of components are shared in common by a core memory and a visual display apparatus.

In a generalized form of the arrangement in a, core memory 1 and, visual display 2 share drivers D1... D10 and common selection circuitry 3. Display drivers 4 and memory drivers 5 are gated by A and A signals, respectively. Typical waveforms showing the gating of drivers D1 and D2 only, with the development of A and A signals are in b.

Visual display apparatus 2 has ten display positions, each having ten digital indicator lamps 0...9 as detailed in c. Lamps 0...9 are driven by associated digit drivers 0...9. Drawing c shows only a single common driver that includes transistors 6, 7 and 8. Other drivers are selected from selection block 3 by lines
9. The circuit in c is provided for in-phase signal pulsing in case both core memory 1 and visual display 2 make use of in-phase pulses. The common driver is time-shared under control of the A and A signals. Thus, it is not required to accept the total current from core memory 1 and display apparatus 2 simultaneously.

The circuit in d has resistive network 10 and an additional transistor 11, in addition to transistors 6, 7 and 8, in order to provide out-of-phase pulsing of the display unit. Glow discharge lamps 12 are used in this circuit.


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