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Variable Impression Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000095143D
Original Publication Date: 1965-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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Hickerson, JE: AUTHOR


The mechanism is provide variable impression control for a single element printing apparatus.

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Variable Impression Control

The mechanism is provide variable impression control for a single element printing apparatus.

Individual characters on cylindrical type head 1 are selected for printing under control of coded slides 2. These are selectively positioned under control of key pin 3. Pin 3 is pulled downwardly by spring 4 when tripped by leaf spring 5 under control of key button 6 that is depressed to select a particular character. Additional slide 7 is also controlled by pin 3 and has notches 7a... 7c. One is positioned opposite arm 10. Following the setup of the slides, cams 11 and 12 are rotated in order to drive hammer 13 for printing of the selected character.

Hammer 13 is directly driven by bail 14 that is moved under control of arm
15. Interposed between stud 16 on arm 15 and stud 17 on bell crank 18 is spring
19. Arm 10 is attached to crank 18 by link 20 and controls the degree of impression imparted by hammer 13. Such is by establishing a greater or lesser tension on spring 19. The degree of tension is controlled by the extent of movement of arm 10 into one of the notches 7a... 7c.

In the lower drawing, print head 21 is arranged to reciprocate against platen 22 for printing. Impression is again under control of spring 23 attached between print head shaft 24 of head 21 and the upper end of link 25. The degree of tension established in spring 23 is under control of cam shaft 26. This is selectively positioned under control of plunger 27 and a set of...