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Magnetic Transducer Quality Comparator

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000095348D
Original Publication Date: 1965-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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This nondestructive arrangement determines the quality of a transducer core and its coil.

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Magnetic Transducer Quality Comparator

This nondestructive arrangement determines the quality of a transducer core and its coil.

The instrument includes inductance meter 1 DC milliammeter 2 variable DC power supply 3 and a fixture to hold transducer 4. Electromagnet 5 has coil 6 and its soft iron core is modified and joined to ferrite slab 7. The initial transducer coil inductance is read on the meter. Transducer 4 is then clamped on slab 7 which shorts the read-write gap. A second inductance reading is then taken. A third inductance reading is taken with transducer 4 totally saturated by electromagnet

Core quality is determined by dividing the second reading by the first. The resulting number is compared to a standard. The initial inductance is a factor of the read-write gap, the back gap, the coil and the core itself. The second reading provides a constant for the reluctance of the read-write gap. Therefore, the ratio of the two readings is the static magnetic core quality. The third reading is the equivalent of the coil inductance with an air core since the core material is completely saturated. The comparison of this reading with the standard provides a coil quality figure.


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