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Piezoelectric Transducer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000095418D
Original Publication Date: 1964-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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Vilkelis, WV: AUTHOR


This method is for forming a torsional mode piezoelectric transducer.

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Piezoelectric Transducer

This method is for forming a torsional mode piezoelectric transducer.

A disk of ferroelectric ceramic crystallite material such as the oxides of lead, zirconium, titanium or barium titanate is ultrasonically cut into toroid 1 with radial slot 2. Following cleaning, toroid 1 is immersed in a bath of heated perchlorethylene and poled by applying a voltage across flat surfaces 3 of radial slot 2.

Poled toroid 1 is then immersed in an electroless copper solution where a copper film is deposited on all surfaces of toroid 1. The plating on the front face 4 and back face, not shown, is removed by lapping on a stone. Also, at this time, connection 9 between outer electrode 8 and inner electrode 7 is broken. Leads 5 are then soldered to the copper.

With the toroid mounted about and fastened to cylindrical rod 6, and the toroid driven with a time dependent voltage, a time dependent torque is exerted upon the rod.


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