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Fluid Interposer Punch Disclosure Number: IPCOM000095691D
Original Publication Date: 1964-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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The document punching apparatus uses low pressure fluid as the punch interposer.

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Fluid Interposer Punch

The document punching apparatus uses low pressure fluid as the punch interposer.

Pressurized fluid is supplied to input duct 1 in response to punch signals and enters chamber 2 through check valve 3. Punch signals are timed to occur when rotating cam 4 starts the approach to its low dwell as shown. Entering fluid causes piston-follower 5 to move against cam 4 so that chamber 2 is filled. Rotation of the cam forces follower 5 down to compress the fluid and close valve
3. The entrapped fluid forces punch 6 through guide 7 and document 8 into die
9. This punch movement exposes exhaust port 10 allowing the compressed fluid to escape as the cam reaches its high dwell.

The punch motion also causes restore crank 11 to rotate counterclockwise. When the cam starts the approach to its low dwell, crank 11 is rotated clockwise on pivot 12 by cam 4 at face 13 so that arm 14 restores the punch to its raised position. Arm 14 of the restore crank is positioned in a slot in punch 6 and is urged against stop 15 by a spring to maintain the punch in the upper position until a punch signal occurs. Fluid under a bias pressure is provided at duct 16 to maintain piston-follower 5 down until the punch is selected.


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