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Photo Logic Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000095750D
Original Publication Date: 1964-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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Schwartz, RS: AUTHOR


This compact solid state photosensitive device is for performing logic.

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Photo Logic Device

This compact solid state photosensitive device is for performing logic.

The device includes a source of sufficient intensity 10 to properly activate photocells 12 and 14 receiving the light from the source. Optical focusing and collimating system 16, indicated generally by the lens, concentrates the illumination upon the face of translator assembly 18. This contains a bank of selectively perforated opaque cards 20. Juxtaposed to translator 18 are solid state junction type semiconductor photocells 12 and 14. The semiconductors are mounted on supports 26 by bonding metal 28 which contains apertures 30. These, in turn, contain focusing devices 32 for directing the light onto cells 12 and 14.

When utilized as a logic device such as an And, a selected arrangement of opaque cards, by electro-mechanical devices not shown, sets up channels 22 and 24 for illuminating the cells. The radiation from the light source illuminates both cells and forwardly biases them. This enables an electrical output to be derived with suitable circuitry, not shown, connected to the cells.


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