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Solderless Electrical Contacts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000095777D
Original Publication Date: 1964-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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These solderless electrical contacts can be fabricated at low cost and are reliable in operation.

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Solderless Electrical Contacts

These solderless electrical contacts can be fabricated at low cost and are reliable in operation.

Two types of solderless contacts are shown. The left-hand contact has a conducting medium 20, e.g., a liquid powder or paste contained in a cup 22 with a flexible elastomer seal 24 across the open end. Seal 24 has a pin hole 26. An air space exists between seal 24 and liquid 20 in the conductor. Medium 20 exhibits a high electrical conductivity and establishes a low resistance contact with terminal wire 28 thrust through the hole 26.

Mechanical anchorage is provided for terminal 28 by seal 24. Conductance is provided terminal 28 for any position by the liquid nature of the conductor. The terminal can be withdrawn or inserted repeatedly with little or no damage to the seal. Upon withdrawal of terminal 28, the elastomer reseals hole 26. The container 22 can be molded in batch quantities in a substrate or fabricated individually.

A second type of electrical connector 30, as indicated in the right drawing, is constructed using an elastomeric material permeated with a conductive powder, e.g., carbon graphite or metal. Connector 30 is embedded in or secured to a substrate 32 having printed conductor 34 Connector 30 can be formed into various geometrical configurations which engage conductor 34. A terminal 36 can be urged into connector 30 to contact the conductor 34.

Connector 30 can also comprise metallic powder contained in a elastomeric sh...