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Marginal Checking Apparatus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000096232D
Original Publication Date: 1963-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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In the device, every individual photocell sensing circuit is checked before sensing a punched card.

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Marginal Checking Apparatus

In the device, every individual photocell sensing circuit is checked before sensing a punched card.

A pulse emitter 45 operates in synchronism with the progression of perforated cards 10 passing through feed rolls 13-15 to sensing station 18. Cards 10 are sensed photoelectrically upon reaching sensing station 18. This includes a light source 28 and a reflector 29. Below the card path there is photocell bank 31 arranged in an angular relation to the card margin.

As each card moves toward light source 28 and photocell bank 31, pulses are generated by pulse emitter 45 on lines 74 and 77. This first raises the voltage applied from variable voltage source 56 to the photocells and amplifiers 55, when all cells are exposed. Secondly, this lowers the cell-amplifier voltage of source 56, when all cells are covered by the blank card margin. This voltage modification further accentuates the difference in value of the photo-cell current at exposed and non-exposed conditions, thus facilitating failure detection in anyone of the sensing circuits.

A signal appearing at counter rings 52 conditions the rings for advancement by oscillator 53. As the output from each cell-amplifier circuit appears at scanner 58, it is successively conditioned for sampling by detector 75 already activated by the signal on line 74. Any improper or erroneous signals detected actuate indicator 76.


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