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Printing Apparatus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000096445D
Original Publication Date: 1963-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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This printer permits selective printing with no impact in the setup or restoring mechanism.

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Printing Apparatus

This printer permits selective printing with no impact in the setup or restoring mechanism.

Setup cam 10 rotates in a clockwise direction at a speed equal to the number of lines per minute to be printed. Pivotally mounted print sector 15 is normally urged by spring 20 so that cam follower 25 carried by arm 26 projecting from sector 15 enters one of the slots or grooves in setup cam 10. However, sector 15 is held against movement by armature 30 of magnet 31.

In order to select a character on sector 15 and bring it into print position, magnet 31 is energized just prior to the time the slot in cam 10 is adjacent follower 25. With magnet 31 energized, armature 30 is attracted so as to release sector 15. This is then rotated by spring 20 so that follower 25 enters the associated slot in cam 10. Follower 25 is acted upon by cam 10 so that sector 15 pivots counterclockwise and the selected print element is brought into print position adjacent print hammer 35.

The slots in cam 10 each have a portion of a constant radius so that during print time, sector 15 is held in a fixed position.

Print cam 40 rotates at the same speed as cam 10 and is timed so that hammer 35 drops off the high point of cam 40 during print time. Spring 45 swings hammer 35 against document 50 driving it against ribbon 51 and ribbon 51 against the type element of sector 15 to form a character on document 50.

Cam 40 returns hammer 35. Document 50 is then free to be advanced and the ne...