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Call Progress Indicator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000096606D
Original Publication Date: 1963-Aug-01
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The progress of an automatically dialed telephone call is indicated to a data processing system.

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Call Progress Indicator

The progress of an automatically dialed telephone call is indicated to a data processing system.

A data processing system (DPS) communicates with an automatic calling unit (ACU) via a single input/output channel 1 and four progress indication inputs
2...5. Messages selecting the ACU and giving a telephone number to be dialed, or disconnecting the ACU, are supplied to the ACU on the channel. Indications of the availability and operation of the ACU and the accuracy of the messages are supplied to the DPS at inputs 2...5.

Messages are decoded by a message decoder (MD) which identifies (a) the beginning of each message (new message), (b) the type of message (select or disconnect), and (c) the period during which dial digits are supplied (dialing). MD also passes all dial digits. A ready automatic calling unit trigger RA is usually on whenever ACU is selected for dialing. If a select message is given when the trigger RA is already on, DPS is notified at input 2 that ACU is not available. Otherwise, trigger RA is turned on. DPS is notified at input 3 if RA trigger failed to turn on. Input 3 is also used to notify DPS, if a disconnect character has failed to turn trigger RA off.

When trigger RA is turned on, ACU is notified on a line RA. The ACU requests dial digits by placing a signal on present next digit line PND and indicates a failure to complete a requested call by a signal on an abandon call line ACR. Since it is possible in certain cases...