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Winding Apparatus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000097163D
Original Publication Date: 1962-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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Rigbey, LJ: AUTHOR


The winding apparatus automatically wires a matrix of cores in a predetermined pattern.

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Winding Apparatus

The winding apparatus automatically wires a matrix of cores in a predetermined pattern.

Matrix 10, which consists of a semi-circular cage providing support for a plurality of carriers designed to locate the cores, is mounted for rotation about the center axis of drive 12. This drive is indexed by clutches 13 and 13d and gears, in increments which correspond to the intervals between core carriers.

Parallel to the longitudinal axis of matrix 10 is lead-screw 14 which drives a carriage supporting wire guide head 15. Lead-screw 14 and, hence, head 15, are driven by clutches 16 and 16d and gears in increments corresponding to one- half the axial pitch of the core carriers.

The drives to the matrix and lead-screw are similar and separate but use a common input shaft 11. Belt 17 from motor 18 drives, through shaft 11, a gear coupled to one end of a reversing differential 19. From input 20 and output 21 of the differential 19 gears drive the rotating portion of clutches 13, 16 and 13d, 16d respectively. The output shaft of clutches 13, 16 drive through gears, the shaft of cams 13a, 16a at twice speed, and one end of reversing differentials 13b, 16b respectively. The other end of the reversing differentials is respectively connected to reverse direction clutches 13d, 16d via cams 13c, 16c and gears, while the sleeve of the differentials 13b, 16b is connected by gearing to the matrix drive or lead-screw respectively.

The cams 13a, 16a, 13c and 16c are ass...