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Apparatus for Transferring Data

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000097485D
Original Publication Date: 1962-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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Giroux, PH: AUTHOR [+2]


This apparatus transfers data between data processing devices which operate at different speeds.

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Apparatus for Transferring Data

This apparatus transfers data between data processing devices which operate at different speeds.

Cyclic storage devices 12, having a capacity equal to the amount of data to be transferred during a transfer operation, interconnect a first device 10 operating at a first speed and a second device 11 operating at a second speed.

Cyclic storage 12 comprises devices to introduce 13, a time delay storage 14 such as a magnetostrictive delay line, and sensing devices 15 connected in series relation.

In operation, data is supplied from device 10 to the cyclic storage 12 and is loaded into delay 14 at the beginning of a transfer operation. The data in delay 14 is available at sensing devices 15. Such occurs a predetermined time interval after the data has been introduced into this device. The output of 15 is returned over path 16 to the devices to introduce 13.

The output of 15 is periodically sampled by gating 17. The sampled data is transferred to translation devices 18 where the same is made available to device

Sensor 15 is sampled once each time the data has been cycled through the storage 12. Devices are provided for changing the time delay or length of storage 12. Thus, the same or different bits of the data are sampled by gating 17 upon successive cycles of the data through the storage means.

Translation devices 18 perform a vernier or fine timing translation and match the output of gating 17 with the rate of operation of device 11...