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Lock for Punch and Die Unit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000097706D
Original Publication Date: 1961-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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This is a locking mechanism for a punch and die unit and is usable in card reproducers.

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Lock for Punch and Die Unit

This is a locking mechanism for a punch and die unit and is usable in card reproducers.

The punch unit 1 is secured to the machine and has depending notched studs 2 at either end for guiding the removable die unit 3 into position. Unit 3 includes an axially movable center shaft 4 to which is pivoted a pair of locking levers 5. A handle 6 is mounted on the center shaft for limited rotation by means of a pin and cam slot connection 7. Pushing in on the handle and making a quarter-turn engages the ends of levers 5 with the notched studs 2.

In the final quarter turn of handle 6, cam edge 8 moves pin 9 axially to pivot bell crank 10 against the force of spring 11. This results in thrusting bar 12 sidewardly to close a switch, not shown. This interlock mechanism prevents operation of the machine, if the die unit is not properly locked in position.

To release the die unit, handle 6 is turned a quarter turn and pulled downwardly to retract levers 5. Final release is achieved by urging handle 13 sidewardly to slide bar 14 having forwardly directed lugs 15 at either end which cam across the sloping end surfaces of guide studs 2.


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