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Method and Process for Bookmarking Multiple URLs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000097730D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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Drawing upon existing capabilities of Web crawlers and link checkers, Web browsers could enhance their Favorites or Bookmark features by capturing page hierarchies.

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Method and Process for Bookmarking Multiple URLs

Currently, the Bookmark, Favorites list, or similar functions of Web browsers enable users to capture only one page or URL at a time. It would be handy to capture a page and some of its subordinate pages, without requiring a lengthy manual process. Considering that Web crawlers and link checkers already are capable of detecting and traversing page hieararchies, capturing these hierarchies in my Favorites list should not be that difficult. This could be a desirable enhancement.

Suppose I want to capture the main page for the Oracle Application Server documentation, plus a few pages that are subordinate to that main page. Right now, I have to perform the following steps:

Capture the main page as a Favorite.





Instead, I would like to capture the main page as a Favorite, and in the course of doing so, be offered the option to capture other pages to which it immediately links.

The pages I want to capture already are in a hierarchy. I can tell a link checker to capture a main page and all of its subordinate pages, without even knowing the identity of the subordinate pages.

So why can't my browser favorites or bookmarks be smart enough to capture this hierarchy instead of making me reconstruct it manually?

Figure 1. Current state of affairs

Capture the secondary pages as Favorites.

Create a set of folders that reflect the hieararchy of the Oracle site - or whatever

relationship I want for this set of pages. Put...