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Straddle Grinding Machine Disclosure Number: IPCOM000097981D
Original Publication Date: 1961-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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The straddle grinding machine is capable of grinding to a tolerance of +- .00015 inches in a one pass operation.

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Straddle Grinding Machine

The straddle grinding machine is capable of grinding to a tolerance of +- .00015 inches in a one pass operation.

A workpiece is placed on holder assembly 1 to be moved between two cup- shaped grinding wheels 2 and 3. Wheels 2 and 3 are adjustable axially independently of one another by identical mechanisms, only one of which is described. Wheel 2 is mounted on spindle 4 having antifriction bearings that permit no end-play. Spindle 4 is driven by belt 5 and hangs from thick-walled steel tube 6 surrounding shaft 7. Tube 6 has an internally threaded, bronze bushing at the end nearest wheel 2, while the other end has a plain bronze bearing. Shaft 7 is accurately threaded for a portion of its length to engage the threaded bushing in the tube, so that as shaft 7 rotates, tube 6, spindle 4 and wheel 2 all traverse along the shaft. The assemblies of tubes and spindle housings include steel plates (not visible) which extend toward the rear of the machine, and on which the motors for driving belts 5 are mounted.

Shaft 7 is mounted in precise ball bearings, which allow rotation with no axial play, and are sealed against entrance of foreign matter. Hand Hand crank 8 is attached to the outer end of shaft 7 for coarse adjustment of the shaft. During coarse adjustment, hand clamp 9 is loosened to decouple the fine adjustment mechanism.

The fine adjustment mechanism includes arm 10 releasably secured to shaft 7 outside of machine frame 11. At a substant...