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Paper Skip Control Clutch Disclosure Number: IPCOM000098033D
Original Publication Date: 1961-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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Gergaud, F: AUTHOR


This is a fast, smoothly operating clutch for an accounting machine paper feed.

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Paper Skip Control Clutch

This is a fast, smoothly operating clutch for an accounting machine paper feed.

Roller 1 is continuously rotating. On its periphery, roller 2 is provided with flat portions (shown exaggerated), which are diametrically opposed. Mounted on the same shaft as roller 2 is ratchet 4, controlled by pawl 5, which is controlled by a magnet 6. There is also provided a frictional device 7 and a friction driving gear

When magnet 6 is energized, pawl 5 is raised. Roller 2 engages, with very strong pressure, rollers 1 and 3. Rotation of shaft 9 and gears 10 and 11 drives sprocket 12 to advance the paper. At that moment, the frictional device and roller rotate at the same speed.

The movement imparted to roller 3, finally advancing 12 may be considered as continuous. On the passage of the flat portions of 2, there is no more positive advance. Inertia replaces, for a short time, such lack of drive.

Account being taken of the ratio between the development of the paper and the development of the roller, the total development error of the paper level is such that the positioning by ratchet 13 is always proper.

Pawl 14 and ratchet 13 on shaft 15 are operated at the moment of the declutching. When pawl 5 drops into ratchet 4 after de-energization of magnet 6, roller 2 is stopped. Shaft 15 tends to go on due to its inertia, but pawl 14 locks it. To avoid the effects of the rebound, an antireturn device 16 is placed on shaft 15.


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