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Semiconductor Compounds Disclosure Number: IPCOM000098062D
Original Publication Date: 1961-Dec-01
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The technique forms monocrystalline semiconductors.

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Semiconductor Compounds

The technique forms monocrystalline semiconductors.

A monocrystalline layer of a semiconductor compound of the type A III - B V is deposited from the vapor stage, epitaxially and under controlled doping of the source material, onto a semiconductor substrate. substrate. The technique produces homogeneous semiconductors as well as heterogeneous semiconductors.

Gallium-arsenide 5 as semiconductor material, zinc-arsenide 6 as doping means, and iodine 7 as the transport are heated to 800 C in a sealed container 3 so that a composite vapor is formed. In the region of the substrate 4 where deposition of the semiconductor compound 9 is to take place, the temperature is maintained at 600 degrees C. Thus, the composite vapor decomposes and the semiconductor compound epitaxially deposits on the monocrystalline germanium substrate 4. The epitaxial deposit 9 has the same crystalline orientation and periodicity as the germanium substrate crystal 4.


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