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Escapement Mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000098749D
Original Publication Date: 1959-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-08
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Lisinski, JE: AUTHOR


High speed forward and reverse operations in a tape drive are provided by the above mechanism.

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Escapement Mechanism

High speed forward and reverse operations in a tape drive are provided by the above mechanism.

A forward pawl 1, through a ratchet wheel 2, rotates a shaft 3 and a pin feed wheel 4 in a forward direction, whereas a reverse pawl 5 through a ratchet wheel 6, rotates the shaft in a reverse direction. The arm 7 and ratchet wheel 8 serve as a detent mechanism.

Arms 9 and 10 which carry pawls 1 and 5, respectively, are oscillated selectively by a bail 11 which in turn is oscillated about a shaft 12 by a member 13 eccentrically and rotatably mounted on a driven shaft 14. Each revolution of the shaft 14 effects two complete oscillations of the bail 11 and, therefore, two oscillations of an arm 9 or 10.

The arms 9 and 10 are selectively engaged with the bail 11 through interposers 15 and 16 respectively. Both interposers 15 and 16 are normally held disengaged from the bail 11 by permanent magnets 17 and 18. Similarly, the same magnets hold the pawls 1 and 5 normally disengaged from their respective ratchet wheels 2 and 6. Interposers 15 and 16 and their associated pawls 1 and 5 are selectively engaged by selective operation of electromagnets 19 and 20.

A second member 21 eccentrically mounted on the shaft 14 operates an interposer knockoff element 22 twice per revolution of shaft 14 to positively disengage the interposers 15 and 16 and the pawls 1 and 5.

Adjustable stop elements 23 and 24 snub the respective pawls 1 and 5 to prevent overdriving of the...