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Method to scale between multiple BladeCenter chassis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000099023D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-09
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This invention describes how to connect multiple BladeCenter chassis together to allow scalable blades in the separate chassis to form a single scalable system.

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Method to scale between multiple BladeCenter chassis

    The invention consists of a BladeCenter chassis populated with one or more scalable blades, a management module, and one or more scaling switches. The management module within the chassis is connected to the scaling switches and scalable blades. Two or more chassis are connected as follows: Each management module is interconnected via a private bus. The scaling switches are connected to each other via a private bus (figure 1) or via an external switch. (not shown)

    Operation of invention: 1a) In a scaling network where the topology can not be automatically detected, the user defines the scaling topology for each chassis involved in scaling. 1b) In a scaling network where the topology can be automatically detected, the scaling switches participate in topology discovery. This information is then transmitted to the local management module.

    Optionally a sideband bus that connects the scaling switches could be used to facilitate topology discovery.
2) A management module is chosen to be the primary module (either by election or user intervention).
3) The primary management module collates the topology information from the multiple chassis management modules into a coherent map. This map is distributed to all the participating management modules for operating and failover purposes.
4) The local management modules request configuration information from the attached scalable servers and transmit this information to the pr...