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Smart Rail Safety System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000099031D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-09
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Rack mounted server smart rail with strain gage to determine rail failure at over weight condition

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Smart Rail Safety System

     This idea pertains to a situation where too much force is being placed on extended rails in racks causing the rails to break and damaging servers. Known solutions to this problem include safety labels on rails and/or servers that specify a maximum weight that can be exerted on them. The drawback of this solution is that these labels are often not read or ignored and this maximum specified weight is exceeded. This idea uses a strain gauge to determine if the rails on a rack are close to failure. If so, a signal is sent to an output device, prompting a preventative action or warning signal.

     Whenever downward force is applied to an extended rail on a rack, the top of the rail is in tension and the bottom of the rail is in compression. Rails have a maximum force that can be exerted on them, corresponding to a maximum strain. This invention works by mounting a strain gauge on either the top or bottom of the rail that monitors the strain in the rail. When the rail nears its maximum strain limit, a signal is sent to an output device, prompting a preventative measure or warning signal. The output device, as well as the power for these strain gauges would be located on the rack; the strain gauge would be installed with the rails, and be dependant on their maximum weight/strain. This feature would allow ANY type or brand of server to be installed in such a rack and still comply with the feature. Types of "output devices" that the strain gauge would...