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Standard Protective Mouse Pack System/Solution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000099050D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-10
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One piece corrugated system for accommodating various mice products.

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Standard Protective Mouse Pack System /Solution

     This invention is a standard one piece packaging solution which fits & protects various mice on all six faces. The standard design developed can be scaled to protect products with varying sizes and weights. It improves the packing/manufacturing cycle time per unit, increasing line capacity and reduces warehouse inventory space by eliminating 1 packaging component. This invention also provides an added utility feature with the insertion and removal of the product as well as reduces material costs. Currently, this invention is being applied to all current mice, but it is not beyond its scope to accomodate future mice. This invention displays leadership in package design because it is a new standard which is a one piece solution for all mice.

     The following pictures illustrates the corrugated fold up design and how the push-down tabs hold the larger mice in the main part of the carton.

     The following pictures illustrate how the larger mice are placed into the standard carton and where the cord is placed into one of the push-down tabs.

     The following pictures illustrate how the top tray not only contains the mice, but allows room for publication and CDs that are required in the package

     The following pictures show the process for smaller mice that will not fit in the area designated for larger mice. The top fold-over tray has a punch-out tab to assist in lowering the smaller mice into it's designated area above the push-dow...