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Web Application - Deploy ThySelf Disclosure Number: IPCOM000099088D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-11
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Web applications are typically deployed as web archive (WAR) files with WEB.XML deployment descriptors which are read into to customize its install and configuration into the Web Application Server. There may come a time when the running web application would like to add resource references in a dynamic manner to its WEB.XML and redeploy itself automatically. Today there is no method in our runtime to do this.

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Web Application - Deploy ThySelf

The core idea is to provide a set of ConfigService application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow changes to be made to the WEB.XML file of a web application and to then allow it to be redeployed with the new WEB.XML file. This would mean allowing changes to be made to the WEB.XML under the InstalledApps directory or to the one stored in the web applications original WAR file.

The ConfigService APIs would work similar to the way they work when creating a DataSource where a session is created and changes are recorded there and would not be applied until the session reload is called. Today ConfigService APIs allow changes to the NODE.XML, SERVER.XML and SECURITY.XML files so we would like to extend it to handle WEB.XML of a given web application.

The basic difference is that the NODE.XML... files are used across all web applications where a WEB.XML is specifc to a given web application so edits to it would have to limited to the scope of the given web application.

One particular embodiment would be to update the WEB.XML within the WAR file and then to programmatically issue the commands to stop the web application, update the web application using the WAR that was just changed, save the changes to the master configuration and the start the web application. Some of these commands could be implemented within a *Java Managed Extension (JMX) MBean to stop, update and start the web application.

* Java is a trademark of Sun Microsyste...