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A chip cooling system utilizing water cooling and heat pipes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000099208D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-14
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A chip cooling system utilizing water cooling and heat pipes The need to find cooling solutions for server chips is ongoing and becomes more important as circuit dimensions continue to decrease. At the same time, the power densities in the chips are increasing rapidly making it essential to find ways of removing the heat lest the chips overheat and fail. A US patent application (S/N10/699,122) describes a method utilizing a microduct to provide cooling water to the chips. The present invention also uses this concept but in a configuration involving the use of heat pipes.

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A chip cooling system utilizing water cooling and heat pipes

It is desirable to cool chips in a way that does not require cooling water to be supplied externally from the server unit. The present invention makes use of microducts or microchannels to flow water directly onto the back of the chips at a high velocity. However, the recirculated water needs to be cooled. While refrigeration units can be used to accomplish this, additional power would be required for their operation.

The present invention uses a set or array of heat pipes to remove the heat from the recirculating water. The heat pipes are located away from the chips. The base of the heat pipes are connected, preferably to a copper manifold through which the now heated water flows after circulating through the back surfaces of the chip. The ends of the heat pipe may be cooled by simple convection when situated near the top of the server frame or may be cooled by use of forced convection using a fan. The net power consumption of the heat pipes and fan for cooling the heated water will be less than that required for operating a refrigerator for the intended purpose.

Different embodiments of the present invention are illustrated in Figures 1-3. Fig. 1 is a schematic representation of a chip cooling system that can be used for a server unit. The lower portions of the heat pipes are immersed in a cooling fluid, e.g., water, which is contained in a reservoir and circulated to the back surfaces of chips by a pump or circulator. In this configuration, the water may be in direct contact with the back surfaces of the chips. Heat from the recirculating fluid...