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Automatic Matrix Drill-Changing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000099225D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-14
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Disclosed is a device that is used in a matrix machine to automatically change a large quantity of

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Automatic Matrix Drill-Changing

       Disclosed is a device that is used in a matrix machine to
automatically change a large quantity of

      The following is a sequential procedure for a planned drill
change.  New drills are loaded into the drill 1 (Fig. by the
operator.  The drill diameters and flute lengths the same in each
magazine stack.  The host computer is of their location and
diameters.  The cartesian robot 1) slews to pick up the drill
load/unload gripper 3. then moves to the proper drill and empty
magazines and them up.  The robot then locates itself at the first at
the buffer plate 5.  The robot gripper is removing a worn or broken
drill form the buffer and inserting it into the empty magazine. a new
drill is removed from the magazine and into the buffer plate where it
is vertically retained an "O" ring as the old drill was before it was
removed. robot repeats this procedure until all old drills are and
all new drills are placed.  The robot then the new and old drill
magazines, then the drill gripper.

      The robot then picks up a 6 x 6 gripper 2 (Fig. 1).  At
command of the host computer, the mass change begins by the 6 x 6
load gripper directly above 36 newly drills.  A downward Z motion of
the robot pushes 36 through the buffer plate and into the drill
change where the drill stops its vertical motion when a snap snaps
into the groove on the drill.  The drill is now in the block 4.  The
elevator plate 11, which holds drill blocks, retracts downwards,
clearing the upper end the grooved drill from the buffer...