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Control Panel for Models of AS/400 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000099766D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-15
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A control panel for the AS/400* is shown in Figs. 1 and 2 for low end and high end models, respectively.

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Control Panel for Models of AS/400

       A control panel for the AS/400* is shown in Figs. 1 and
2 for low end and high end models, respectively.  The panel has the
following features:
      -   focal point for system power control
           --   provide various means of powering on/off the
           --   monitor and report power status
      -   PC interface to support the following tools:
           --   manufacturing tester interface
           --   automated RAS development tool (ARDT)
           --   IMPI CPU controls
      -   UPS/battery back-up interface
      -   ability to change the IPL type locally at the
          control panel
          and remotely via a program command
      -   retain the last IPL type in the event of a complete
          loss of
          AC power
      -   provide status of IPL progress
      -   allow selection of customer engineer (CE) functions
      -   ability to display hidden functions as required
      -   ability to enable new functions without a hardware
          or micro code change
   -   provide to access/display special service processor
      -   allow display of valid functions only
      -   serial interface to the service processor using
          TTL-compatible signal levels
      -   error recovery on the serial interface
      -   self-diagnostic procedures

      The control panel contains the following switches, indicators,
displays and information:  unit emergency switch, keylock switch,
power switch, power-on indicator, select switch, enter switch,
processor active indicator, system attention indicator, function
display, data display, unit serial number, and nomenclature overlays.

      The unit emergency switch is provided only for unit emergency
power off (UEPO) and is not intended for use as a power-on/off
switch.  This switch has priority over all other controls.

      A keylock switch is provided on the control panel to give the
customer security control over the functions which may be activated
or deactivated from the control panel and control over data which may
be accessed from the control panel.  The functions available in each
of the four positions are shown in Fig. 3.

      The manual power switch is a three position momentary contact
switch with center null.  When the switch is pressed to the on
position, the system powers on if the keylock switch is in the manual
or normal position.  When the switch is pressed to the off position,
the system powers off.  If the keylock switch is in the manual
position, the system is powered off.

      The power-on indicator is lighted when the power supply is on
and supplying DC power to the system.

      When IMPI inter...