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DASD Mount Disclosure Number: IPCOM000099789D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-15
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This article describes a sheet metal structure for mounting a direct-access storage device (DASD).

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DASD Mount

       This article describes a sheet metal structure for
mounting a direct-access storage device (DASD).

      DASDs have traditionally been mounted in stamped and formed
channels in sheet metal frames.  Channel parallelism is difficult to
control from a manufacturing standpoint using this expedient.  The
mate rial thickness and all of the bends must be controlled in order
to maintain the parallelism required from one side of the drive to
the other.

      The mounting structure described herein is shown in front, top
and side views in Figs. 1, 2 and 3, respectively. It utilizes a
series of pierced and formed projections 1 in a frame 2.  They are
placed above and below DASD rails 3 which are affixed to the DASD 4
to form channels for the DASD rails to ride in.  These channels must
be located such that the DASD will be mounted parallel to the base 6,
as shown at reference line 5 for system appearance purposes. This
provides a more accurate way to attain this goal because the channel
forming and its associated tolerances have been avoided.

      In addition, similar projections are placed at 90 degrees to
the channels to form stops 7 for the DASD rails 3 in the full
installed position in the frame.  The projections 1 also provide for
more efficient cooling of the DASD because of the free air space 8
provided above and below the projections 1 along the length of the
DASD.  The disclosed structure reduces the number of stations
required in t...