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Automatic Printing of Busy Time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000100170D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-15
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Vincent, JP: AUTHOR


A method of showing exact busy and conflicting time on a printed calendar is provided.

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Automatic Printing of Busy Time

       A method of showing exact busy and conflicting time on a
printed calendar is provided.

      Consider a computer calendar application which maintains a data
base of calendar events.  The events consist of an optional start
time, an optional end time, and a description.  Consider the printed
listing generated by the calendar application.  Refer to the figure.
This is a listing typical of the current art in computer-generated
calendars.  There is a typical heading of the date, name, months
before and after the date printed, day of the week, week of the year,
day of the year, and so forth.

      The events are shown in a grid format down the left third of
the page.  There is room for writing things to do in the right
two-thirds of the page.  At the bottom of the left-hand column, shown
are three lines of time headings, starting at midnight and showing
eight hours on each line. The vertical lines show the hours of the
day.  This box shows the free, busy, and conflicting time for the
day, using the prosed method.  The method takes these steps:
      1.   The events for the day are arranged in order, earliest to
      2.   For each minute of the day, the number of events at that
minute is calculated for the event-time list.
      3.   The result of step 2 is consolidated into a list of
intervals where each interval has a start and end time, and the
number of events for each minute in the int...