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Temperature Hardened HDD

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Publication Date: 2005-Mar-15
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Temperature Hardened HDD

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Temperature Hardened HDD

   HDD usage in cars, in low-temperature environments, will require starting and operation beyond their useful range today. The drive cannot function properly until it worms up. At reduced temperatures the file experiences increased viscosity of the grease in both the HDD motor and VCM.

Performance degradation can be 90% in seek performance at 0C and 10% at 10C.

The objective is to control the operating environment of a HDD, for example one that is going to be used in a car. Presented are two options for increasing temperature and two temperature control systems.

1. Keep the HDD inside the car at the temperature above the critical point (or above some pre-specified low temperature) at all times. This will ensure drive's reliability and guarantee its maximum performance at any time, even at low ambient temperature.

2. An alternative is to keep worm only the motor bearing and the VCM bearing.

The energy for heating is supplied by the car's battery.

The addition of a thermocouple and control circuit is an option needed to turn the heating 'off' when the temperature isn't low.

Solution-1 : Keep the HDD inside the car at the temperature above the critical point (or above some pre-specified low temperature).

This solution requires heating the entire HDD surface by placing it into a heated thermally insulated container or by applying a heater to the large fraction of the surface of the drive (see next figure). The energy is supplied by the battery....