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Cross-Hatched Ground Plane Disclosure Number: IPCOM000101840D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-16
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A scheme for providing a ground plane in a stripline transmission line is disclosed.

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Cross-Hatched Ground Plane

       A scheme for providing a ground plane in a stripline
transmission line is disclosed.

      The figure shows a plan view of a stripline multi-signal
transmission line.  Conductive strips 10 and 20 are arranged side by
side on one surface of a dielectric lamina 30 (for example, a
flexible polyimide lamina). Strips 10 carry electrical signals, while
strips 20 are earthed.  On the other surface of lamina 30 is a
cross-hatched ground plane 40 which is connected to earthed strips 20
by means of vias 50.

      In the figure the ground plane 40 comprises a set of slanting
equispaced parallel conductive strips 60, disposed at an angle to
another similar set of strips 70.  The spacing and relative
orientation of strips 60 and 70 are such that each point at which the
strips intersect lies on one of the earthed strips 20.  A via is
constructed connecting the ground plane strips 60 and 70 to the strip
20 at each of these intersection points.  Furthermore, the layout of
the vias 50 is skewed so that connection is made to each of the
earthed strips 20.  In a typical application the conductor pattern
shown in the figure repeats several times, which means that several
earthing connections are made to each strip 20.  A further, wider
strip 80 is included at the edge of the lamina to provide additional
screening of the signal conductors.

      The disclosed grounding scheme allows the characteristic
impedance of the transmission lin...